I am what I am

In the immortal and irrefutable words of Popeye, I am what I am. I have been making artwork and creating images as long as I can remember. When I do not have the time to be creative it feels as though a part of me is missing. The world is beautiful and I need to share its loveliness. I have always had friends who are artists themselves and I hope to enrich this network of friends through this blog. I invite critiques, thoughts, ideas and links.

Anyone who would like to contact me can do so:
eva-lena (at) artseed (dot) combird_head


9 thoughts on “I am what I am

  1. Ms. Rehnmark,

    I am writing a research paper about the reintroduction of wolves into the wild for a college class and I would just like to tell you how much I enjoyed your book Neither God Nor Devil. It is a beautiful book to begin with, but your information has been a great help to me in my research. Your work is amazing. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much for the words of appreciation for my book. The book was a passionate portrayal of wolves and it took three years of research and painting to complete. It is wonderful to keep getting noticed for this project of the heart.

  2. Greetings from Georgia!

    A fellow critique group member just gave me your glorious NEITHER GOD NOR DEVIL. I thought I owned just about every wolf book out there, but this treasure was a surprise. My second children’s book came out a few months ago, a nonfiction interactive book, WOLVES (illustrated by Colin Howard of England) – part of an animal vault series from Intervisual Books. I’ve had the incredible experience of volunteering with two wolf pups at a local preserve since last year; they’ve just turned a year old. Their pix are on the “Wolves” page of my website:


    I’m so glad to have found your unique and accomplished work and will tell others about it. May I add your blog to my list on my site?

    Best wishes in all your creative endeavors!
    Robyn Hood Black

  3. Thank you Robyn! Always so good to hear from a colleague who enjoys my work. Congratulations on your own book Robyn! As you know when we create works like this we are in a vacuum of sorts. Even when the book gets released it is rare to get feedback.

    Best wishes to you too!

  4. Dear Ms Rehnmark: A few days ago, I bought a copy of your beautiful work of love and passion- “Neither God nor Devil.” As an avid supporter of wolf conservation, and preservation, over the last four decades, I have accumulated a significant library of all the lupines and canines. You book is a wonderful addition to the library, not only for your illustrations, but also for the vast amount of information, history, etc of the human-wolf association. It’s obvious that you did much serious research for the project. Congratulations and best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much John, it is wonderful to hear your comments. Yes, I did a lot of research and I even was brought in as an expert on wolf mythology in a BBC radio interview. Cool stuff!

  5. Hi Eva:

    I think we may have just missed meeting at RISD as I graduated in 1990 in the ID. Dept. No matter, just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your book “Neither God nor Devil” over the years. My three year old son was needing some reassurance in the wolf realm (he unfortunately saw a little of an Eastern European animation of Peter and Wolf) so I pull out your book. we read through it cover to cover and by the end he again had a good view of them again, and learned a lot too. Best to you.

  6. Woohoo! I love getting feedback from a fellow RISD grad. Even better that you shared the book with your son. Children are much more sophisticated than we adults give them credit for. The musings of children deserve elaborate and detailed responses. As an example my daughter (5 years old) often asks about germs and white blood cells and if they walk and how they move. She asks if white blood cells actually eat the germs. I find myself researching these things so I can give her a through (but not boring) response.

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